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How to manage emotional overwhelm

Something else IS possible.

Wherever you are and whatever weights down on your shoulders, there are two simple steps you can take to manage emotional overwhelm.

Two simple steps to manage emotional overwhelm


It is important to realise that you are not what you experience. Instead you can imagine your thoughts, feelings and emotions as something that comes and goes, it's completely up to you whether you engage with it or not. A little bit like clouds in the sky - even when they obstruct the view, the sun never stops shining, it's just hidden.

And just like that, we also remain who we are underneath what we experience, even when the emotions take over and make us react certain way. When we get swallowed by an emotion or thought, we cut ourselves from experiencing everything that is not the thought or emotion. I am a big fan of helping people experiencing the richness and fullness of life by allowing self to feel everything. I got to realise through my own journey that profoundness of the experience isn't in the intensity!

So, remember you are not what you experience and you can be in control of how you express yourself while allowing the thoughts flowing and the feelings to be present.


The easiest and fastest way to create a space between you and what you are experiencing is simply visualising it outside of you. This creates enough separation and gives you space and time for observing what is actually going on. From there it's just one simple step to find the right resolution to your situation.

I like to visualise that the emotion or situation is in front of me, sometimes it just has a feel and other times it might have a shape and colour, even a particular voice. And I engage in a conversation, asking what is it doing for me and what is required for me to be in harmony. I learnt to do this with pretty much anything, including physical sensations in my body, various situations etc.

Whether it's an anxiety attack or sense of depression creeping in, I have always found the process very useful and over the time it can be turned it into a habit, where you will be able to remain completely present with what is going on for you.

download guided meditation

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea, a guided meditation is an excellent choice to start with, to cultivate this new habit and it will help you with the whole visualisation process.

I have been using this in my everyday life and can now very quickly find a solution to my situation, have ease and peace with what I am experiencing and even though I might get stressed for a short moment, very quickly and efficiently I find my center and return to my balance, continuing my day undisturbed. So I can guarantee you that this works!

You can download a guided meditation I have recorded specifically for situations like these to make the process super simple - are you ready to Manage Emotional Overwhelm ?

Download guided visualisation

I hope this short article has brought you the awareness you required. It really is a very simple process to manage your emotional state, but remember that it is a journey and you get better each time to practice, so be patient and kind to yourself.

If you feel you would like to have extra support, feel free to reach out to book a clarity call or book a private healing/coaching session. I am here for you and happy to support you. ♥

Love and blessings,


Healer & Therapist @ Michaela Jirouskova Healing


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