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Hi, my name is Michaela

I used to consider myself the employee type of person, everything taken care of for me and all I need to do is carry out my job well, finish my hours and live my life afterwards. Over the time I was increasingly growing feeling unsettled, not really knowing why. No amount of work was enough, nothing felt like a proper achievement. I was progressing well and high and yet I felt somewhat empty, without a purpose and fulfilment. It took a lot of self discovery and understanding myself to realise that in fact I am a very ambitious individual who thrives doing own things. Wanting to take the entrepreneurial route came as a big surprise to me. It was a huge and scary step, but with each further step I knew that it was the right decision.  

My mission is to empower ambitious entrepreneurs with big dreams and deep sense of integrity to step confidently into the spotlight and share their incredible work with the world. My work bridges the gap between everyday reality and the spiritual realm, connecting intuitive guidance with tangible actions to build a strong sense of self, tapping into inner wisdom that enables my clients to make the best decisions and help them navigating their paths with clarity.

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