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From confused and lost to inspired and driven

Ever felt like always being the back of the crowd, insignificant, invisible and burden to others? The skills you possess are simply a norm and everything else you're just useless at... But some day everything will be different. Something will happen and things will change. There will be happiness, fulfilment, days filled with smiles and lots of love, rainbows and unicorns....

Except, that day never comes.

The hamster in a wheel

Days turn into weeks and months until years become decades, only to look back and realise that you are many experiences richer yet nothing has changed. You keep feeling misplaced, unimportant and useless in every group you're a part of. Convincing yourself that you're not smart, skilled or significant enough to have better job. Everywhere you go you're an outcast until that one person understands you. But those relationships eventually fail one after another and the idea of a 'happily ever after' life starts to fade away and is replaced with bitterness, despair, more isolation. Hope is slowly torn into pieces as you realise that no one will save you. There comes another complete burnout in every area of your life, leaving you with little to no hope for living. Until you pick yourself up yet again.

Gluing together pieces of the broken hope, the world starts looking like a lovely place to live again, for you to fight all the battles one more time. You can do this. You know it, because you have done it so many times before. Only you didn't notice the growing cracks in your rosy glasses after every failed attempt. Your reality gets distorted, it creeps in very secretly, brewing deeper depression and stronger anxiety. But you can't see any of it. Just like you cannot see the progress after gym classes even after prolonged period of time, because you see yourself in the mirror everyday, changes come unnoticed. Until one day, another heavy burnout comes and you cannot get up anymore. Coming back at last feels lifeless and everything you do has unavailing and purposeless taste. You know next one is close, they happen more often now these burnouts. And each time it's harder to get up, each time there is less and less motivation to try...

If you ever watched a hamster in a wheel, they run and run and run with nowhere to go till complete exhaustion. At least mine did. They would run so long and so fast the wheel would start spinning faster than they could handle, helplessly whirling them around until they were liberated by falling out of it. They looked confused for a little, shook their little heads and started frolicking around the cage like nothing happened. And then they would do the same thing, making themselves spin in the wheel until they fell out. I watched them with worry hoping they didn't get hurt, shaking my head in disapproval and wondering why they keep doing the same thing over and over again knowing what comes next. Because, that's just insane, right? Then one day I realised that trapped in my own life I became the hamster in a wheel...

Something different is possible - for you too!

I am living a very different life now, although my experiences are fairly recent. Everyday I surprise myself with another different point of view or reaction to a situation. The broken girl I used to be faded into a distant memory, I cannot see her in the mirror anymore. There is no more running in circles and hitting walls. My life is unrecognisable and I am proud of the woman I've become. I gave my life meaning, vision and brought passion for everyday living. And that was the key thing - realising that no one else will do it for me, it won't magically happen, I simply decide to give my life the meaning and significance.

This is why helping women (and men) who put their life on hold due to a lack of clarity, riddled with confusion and unrealistic self-image which convinces them that they are meaningless and beyond saving has so much importance to me. The hope slowly slipping away, worried this is how it will be forever and it will never change. I know what that's like, I've been there - I HEAR YOU. And I can assure you that something else is possible for you, because I have made it to 'the other side'. Yes, for you too!

It is more important than ever to build healthy confidence and that's why I guide people like you to retrieve long hidden dreams, recognise their qualities and help them recalibrate to start building a life full of meaning, aspiration and fulfilling prospects.

How to improve your day to day life

There are things you can implement to start improving the quality of your day to day life and it can be easy to achieve. Here are few simple tips which I personally use in my own life:


It might be hard to achieve and often seem impossible to maintain. Life falls out of harmony from time to time you are not alone. To see where your life might be out of balance is very beneficial. It gives you an overview and with this awareness you can approach life differently.

You can assess how you feel about each area of your life – relationships, career, health, spiritual growth, personal development, finances and recreation – by marking each area on a scale from 1 to 10.


Implementing a routine is the next natural step following the previous assessment and can be quite simple. I suggest to pick three life areas which are the most important to you or you feel will benefit you the most if you focus on them. For each area choose an activity which will help you improve it and decide how often you will do it. This could be a walk in nature once a week to connect with self to support spiritual growth. exercise three times a week to improve physical health and feel strong and fit, sit down painting or go to a dance class twice a week to have more fun.

Set yourself achievable goals for the next six weeks, and stick to the plan. You can do anything for six weeks. If you decide to swim twice a week to improve physical condition or simply do it for leisure and relaxation – stick to it. Nothing stops you from doing your activities more often or being flexible, they can but don't have to be on set days. What is important is to always stick to the minimum you decided on. Even if you don't feel like taking out paint brushes or putting a running clothes one, do it. Go through the motion, the feeling will follow. And each time you tick off your activity and week as complete, it will give you warm sense of accomplishment, generating more motivation. After completing your six week plan you can revisit the Life Balance Wheel and see how differently you might feel, whether you want to continue focusing on the same areas or pick a new one. Or you can choose different activities for the current areas of your focus.


Make sure to set aside at least one day which, apart from work or any must task if you're a parent, is dedicated to you. A day when after work you don't have to do anything at all and everything is just optional. This gives you each week a day to look forward to. Knowing you can relax takes the pressure off and can actually motivate you to accomplish quite a lot. There might be days you just watch tv, read few pages of that book which has been sitting on a shelf for a while or clean the house. But because it comes from a place 'I want to' it is rather enjoyable.

Together, we are building a strong and healthy society, one by one person. ♥

Love and blessings,


Healer, Change Bringer & Catalyst



* Say yes or simply have the intention to receive to allow the downloads to be instilled into your system - on all levels, in all languages and all aspects of your being

True and lasting changes are possible for me.

I know how to follow my heart and let it guide me to where I need to be.

I know how to remain strong and what it feels like to be inspired to live my life.

I recognise my qualities and skills and know how to live my daily life without hiding them.


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