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online group healing & visualisation


Supporting visionary people and trailblazers connecting with own intuition to take the most aligned approach in growing their business.

These meditation evenings transcend conventional meditation experiences. 


The power of visualisation, connection you to your own intuition and tapping into your inner wisdom, paired with powerful healing which shifts limiting beliefs — Creating a gateway to personal freedom, expansion, self-discovery and growth. 


Experience the magic of these meditation evenings as you embark on your own transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life and boundless possibilities.

Upcoming Events

  • Heart-felt Business
    Heart-felt Business
    Mon, Aug 19
    Aug 19, 2024, 7:00 PM – 7:40 PM GMT+1
    Online Zoom Masterclass
    Running a business is one thing, but when you decide to operate from your heart this requires another depth of vulnerability. What is stopping you from showing up fully & authentically in your business might be fear, a belief that rejection of your business = rejection of your being. Lets change it!
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