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Monthly Monday Meditation

Join me for monthly free online meditation evening, where you can tune into present moment, from the comfort of your home.​

I will briefly talk about the topic before guiding you through a meditation. Although in group, I will take you on your own individual journey. A visualisation full of energetic activations, releases and mindset shifts, allowing the subconscious to let go of limitations.

 Register once, join every month – each month there will be a different topic to support various areas of your life.


Next event

18th September
7pm UK time, online via Zoom

Have peace with who you are at this time

We are a product of our journey, ever changing as we grow and encounter new experiences. Who you are at this point of time might not be forever, but having peace with the way you are will elevate the quality of your living.

Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer
16th October
7pm UK time, online via Zoom

Integrating the gifts you bring to the world

What comes to you easily and is your absolute nature and default doesn't necessarily come with the same ease to others. You have gifts you are sharing with the world every moment of your life - relax into being self and recognise, acknowledge & integrate your gifts.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
20th November
7pm UK time, online via Zoom

Cultivating the flow of energy

Just like the river flows effortlessly when we clear the barriers, so does the energy within us, on many levels. Understanding what blocks our energy, how to bring it back to balance and allow it flow has many beautiful benefits. Learn to cultivate your inner space to bring balance or to get energies whenever needed.

Image by Greg Rakozy

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