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Spiritual & holistic therapist, energy healer & mentor
I help aspirational people to bring their ideas into reality now, identifying next steps and moving forward with their goals confidently without procrastination.

Let’s invite success and clarity into your life, turning your ideas into a reality now!

Let's  work together

Do you want to:

  • Have clarity on your next steps to bring your ideas to life?

  • Become an action taker without procrastination holding you back?

  • Feel comfortable being in the spotlight and being seen for your work?

  • Achieve your goals with ease and grace while having fun doing so?

  • Make it easy, make it fun!

Become  confident.  Know  what  you  want.  Create  it.



Being clear on what you want is very important if you want to move forward. Get clarity on the next step that you require now.


You know what it feels like following your heart's desires. And I know how much you love sharing your great work. Therefore visibility is required. And it absolutely possible to be visible without feeling inadequate or undeserving of being in the spotlight.

Find out what works for you, developing a healthy and strong connection to self and own intuition to guide you towards achieving your goals.

Let's switch on your visibility so you can share your work with your community and with the world.



Do you have a vision of the end result but feel stuck, unsure what to do next to get there?

Let’s invite success and clarity into your projects, turning your ideas into a reality now! Let's get you clarity on your next steps!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Hi, I'm Michaela Jiroušková

Healer, change bringer & catalyst

Highly intuitive healer, therapist and mentor, using spiritual and holistic approach to leading aspirational people out of procrastination and lack of clarity into achieving their goals and dreams. Helping people feeling confident to take actions, stand out and take place in the spotlight to build a fulfilling and empowered life and career that they truly desire and deserve.

Client Love 

Michaela was super helpful in making things clear for me to decide which direction I should be going, where I should be paying attention and what are my strengths that I can bring forward to fulfil my life purpose, and be able to serve and help others. Work with Michaela is about helping you to feel much more grounded and sure in your own decisions.




I recently had a Theta Healing session with Michaela on my fears of confrontation and setting boundaries. I was experiencing big problems in this area and especially in my work as a self employed person. As a natural introvert and sensitive I've really struggled with confrontation and standing up for myself all my life.

Michaela worked gently and intuitively to access the underlying cause of my difficulties, unearthing deeply buried beliefs and patterns and replacing them with new empowering ones.


After just that one session I felt so much better and in the week following life gave me many opportunities to test our work. It was great! I found my self refusing to take on other people's negativity when I would have in the past. I was able to put a firm cancellation policy in place for my clients and I had some honest upfront conversations where I was able to respectfully communicate my needs and boundaries.


I'm really excited to be moving forward now knowing how much this will help in all areas of my life and in my ability to help others too!


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