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Healer & Spiritual Mindset Mentor

take your vision and business to the next level

Helping emerging spiritual entrepreneurs turn ideas into actions and bring their visions into reality.

Healer, change bringer & catalyst

My work combines spiritual approach with clear and grounded actions, creating a holistic and sustainable shift to help emerging entrepreneurs to keep following their vision and bring it to life.

I feel it's important that people with big dreams and integrity build the confidence to do what they are passionate about, and turning into career is the perfect way to share their amazing work, knowledge, product and service with others. I love being on the receiving end of someone who understands and loves the work while caring about the result, leaving me feeling great and ensured that I received the best quality. That's exactly what I want for my clients to achieve! So there are more people being in their 'right' place - entrepreneurs doing what they love and clients who receive the best and most honest service. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You are excited about your idea and burst with aspiration. 

  • But you feel overwhelmed by everything and don't exactly know where to start.

  • You used all of your free time and regardless of how busy you are, the result is not visible or you are not as far I you want to be.

  • You overthink the whole process and go into paralysis resulting into procrastination and frustration, more busyness and running in vicious circles leaving you exhausted.

  • You feel like you should or desire to be much further along with your business and want to elevate it.

Do you want to:

  • Have clarity on your next steps to bring your vision to life?

  • Become an action taker without procrastination holding you back?


  • Feel comfortable being in the spotlight for your work

  • Move forward with your goals

  • Take your visions to the next level

You Next Step Revealed.jpg

Your next step revealed


If you feel that there is a gap between where you are right now and that wonderful vision you are looking to create, being very clear on your end goal but not knowing what are the steps that will get you there – this mentoring session will help you get clear on your next practical steps to start bringing your ideas into reality!

Clients'  Love 

Michaela was super helpful in making things clear for me to decide which direction I should be going, where I should be paying attention and what are my strengths that I can bring forward to fulfil my life purpose, and be able to serve and help others. Work with Michaela is about helping you to feel much more grounded and sure in your own decisions.



Eva R.jpg

Working with Michaela was amazing - I was at a point at my business where the tasks felt more like a chore and even though I thought I was following my souls guidance - the action steps felt a lot (I probably made it more complicated than needed) and I had lost the joy and love for it. Within only 2 sessions with Michaela we cleared all the emotional charges within me, allowing a new energetic starting point and I feel my joy and love came back. I've attracted so many cool opportunities, I feel excited and joyful in my business again. Thank you Michaela for your support


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