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I recently had a Theta Healing session with Michaela on my fears of confrontation and setting boundaries. I was experiencing big problems in this area and especially in my work as a self employed person. As a natural introvert and sensitive I've really struggled with confrontation and standing up for myself all my life.

Michaela worked gently and intuitively to access the underlying cause of my difficulties, unearthing deeply buried beliefs and patterns and replacing them with new empowering ones.


After just that one session I felt so much better and in the week following life gave me many opportunities to test our work. It was great! I found my self refusing to take on other people's negativity when I would have in the past. I was able to put a firm cancellation policy in place for my clients and I had some honest upfront conversations where I was able to respectfully communicate my needs and boundaries.


I'm really excited to be moving forward now knowing how much this will help in all areas of my life and in my ability to help others too!

Michaela knew that I had been suffering from lower back pain for a while that had recently become much worse. She suggested trying a Theta Healing session to help with this to find the possible root of the problem and relieve the pain.


Within the online session she helped me release some trapped pain relating to a traumatic event in my past involving the death of a loved one. She helped me to actively feel and work through some of the remaining grief and I felt lifted afterward.


Along with some other therapies the pain has started to get better since the session and I’m finding that I’m more myself, more focused on managing myself and being open to another source of help or organic pain relief. Michaela was professional, kind, caring and compassionate and knowledgeable about her role in the session. She informed me how she was going to approach the session and kept checking back in with me whilst allowing me to acknowledge the adjustments made throughout the session.


I just wanted to say thank you so so much for my theta healing, Michaela. I can’t thank you enough.


The last week has been really eye opening for me, after the healing i felt free from stress, anxiety and worries and i felt an overwhelming calmness which even my boyfriend noticed a difference. Day to day worries have been significantly decreased and I feel like I’m able to think things calmly and clearly knowing that everything will be okay and life is good. I’m tackling day to day tasks with strength and confidence as I know now that worrying will only lead to negative energy and I am enjoying the positive energy that is consuming my being.

I have a busy few weeks ahead with balancing important meetings, time away from work to relax and preparing to go back to uni. Usually i feel incredibly stressed when i’m busy and trying to juggle a lot but right now i’m trying to take each day as it comes and remember everything you have taught me. I will see how I go but I have confidence that these positive changes in myself will continue and I can’t thank you enough! xxxx





I'd like to share my experience how just one session with Michaela helped me come to terms with many things playing an important role in my emotional world.


First of all, I'd like to point out that wasn't a big fan of energy healings, but this one session changed my mind. The main issue I was I didn't know how to set my boundaries. This most likely came from childhood and resulted into 4 year long toxic relationship. I didn't know how to protect myself when stranger insulted me, I didn't know how to stand my ground or even say one simple word - NO (this is not acceptable and the person really cannot behave to me like this).

Since the session, where we released anger towards myself and others, the Universe delivered a situation where I had the choice to run away again or stand for myself. Although with tears and a lot of effort, I was finally able to stand my ground and even said no to my partner of four years, no one will behave to me like this ever again. I felt relieved and free, like I grew wings. I am convinced that despite there may be some bumps on the road, it all will be fine and in the end I will become completely free.

I wanted to find out if I could be healed after a traumatic accident. I felt very anxious and disconnected from people and life in general. After the session with Michaela I felt less anxious and more connected with life and more positive about life.


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