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Hi, my name is Michaela

 I am Theta Healer, Reiki practitioner, Spiritual teacher and Yogini with nearly 15 years of experience in self-development, on a mission to bring more joy into everyday life, creating a bridge between the ordinary mundane material reality and spiritual realm and to remind people of who they are and how to start using their true potential to free themselves from traumas, limiting beliefs and other blocks to start living the life they desire and deserve.

 I've always had very deep affection for nature, fascination of human mind and self-development for a hobby, but I wasn't familiar with anything spiritual. Although as a little child I used to love collecting all sorts of stones I could find, believed that when hands are placed on something that hurts it will get better and had unshakable faith in some higher power always leading me where I needed to get when I got lost (which was a lot, I've never had good sense of orientation!) – I grew to forget all about it and became very sceptical, science based person, demanding proof of why and how things work.

 In my early teen years I was starting to feel overwhelmed and depressed. I thought that perhaps I might be overly sensitive as it was hurting me so much to see people struggling and in pain. I also experienced physical pain from a very early childhood, which had no obvious cause, was undetectable and deemed impossible in such age. I was totally unaware of my gift being an Empath and was convinced that something must be wrong with me. I grew confused and more anxious, believing that all that stuff belongs to me and gradually closed myself off as it all became unbearable. I disconnected from myself so much that I allowed both physical and mental abuse, lowering my self-esteem and self-worth to bare minimum, leading to all sorts of issues across all areas of my life in the years coming. Wherever I went – moving to a new city and eventually going to live abroad, the unhappiness and misery followed me like a shadow.

My journey

 At the age of 26 I felt a strong calling to do a Reiki course. The only thing I knew about Reiki was it's some healing through hands from Japan. It made no sense to me, but the feeling was so strong and clear that I couldn't ignore it. Without questioning I researched Reiki courses, found a master and booked a course. The experience that followed was so powerful and tangible, I couldn't deny the existence of this invisible energy!

 Around that time I was struggling with a chronic fatigue, reaching it's peak after so many years, heavily affecting my daily life and was starting to have negative impact on my relationship. Only then I decided to seek help. Being already familiar with the relaxing effect of Reiki, my sceptical heart softened when it came to that technique. I contacted a lady who was offering alternative energy healings, Reiki amongst them. Little I knew that this was about to completely change my life! Unknowingly, I booked a Theta Healing session. I decided to stick with it 'to see what will happen', I was desperate for something to change. During the session I felt energy moving through my body, I didn't know why or how that was possible. But something was undeniably happening and I got home from that session full of energy I didn't remember feeling for years! I booked several more session and this new technique was driving my curiosity crazy. After a little bit of research, I booked a Basic Theta Healing course and there I was – beginning a new chapter of my life I had no idea was about to start...

Till this day I thank that sceptical and proof demanding self, which wanted to understand HOW and WHY this thing called Theta Healing works!


How Theta Healing changed my life

I became a qualified Theta Healing practitioner, continued practising and completed several more Theta Healing courses over the next three years. My life being no straight line, from a confused and shy girl studying IT programming, I grew into a confident woman who now re-programs subconscious mind. Funny how things we have done throughout life and considered them no longer useful can eventually come very handy!

 The day Theta Healing came into my life I won the lottery, although it took me few years to recognise it. I had to go through many ups and downs with lows so low I didn't think existed or could be bounced back from. I am very grateful for all these experiences as all of this gives me the insight and inspiration to help others to create things in their lives they never thought possible – just like I used to believe. But I have been there and back, ready and excited to lead the way for others until they can find the strength to walk their path independently.

Client appreciation

"The last week has been really eye opening for me, after the healing I felt free from stress, anxiety and worries and felt an overwhelming calmness which even my boyfriend noticed a difference. Day to day worries have been significantly decreased and I feel like I’m able to think things calmly and clearly knowing that everything will be okay and life is good. I’m tackling day to day tasks with strength and confidence."


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