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What is Theta Healing Technique

The ThetaHealing® is a meditative technique created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 as a result of her own personal journey back to health.

Theta Healing® is a very powerful yet gentle energy healing modality where through simple meditation process our brain shifts into theta brain wave, creating a bridge between conscious and subconscious mind while being fully conscious. The subconscious mind holds memories from all times and it is a home of our belief systems which create behavioural patterns and decide responses to situations. Its main purpose is to keep us safe at all costs, and although the particular pattern was helpful and kept as save in certain situation, these processes may become unsuitable, limiting or even damaging over the time. Our life is influenced by our belief system on both conscious and subconscious level. When we understand how our belief system works and that we can change the beliefs, we can change our life and create the future we want – feeling more confident, have more harmonious relationships, financial freedom, healthy body, relieve from stress or anxiety and so much more.

Theta Healing is also a very powerful tool to get to know yourself better, discover the power of your intuition and be guided by your gut feeling to easily make the right decisions for yourself without any doubts.

You can read more about Theta Healing® technique at

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