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Hi, my name is Michaela

 I am Theta Healer, Reiki practitioner, Spiritual teacher and Yogini with nearly 15 years of experience in self-development, on a mission to creating a bridge between the ordinary mundane material reality and spiritual realm, reminding people of who they are using their true potential to free themselves from traumas, limiting beliefs and other blocks to start living the life they desire and deserve.

 I have a deep affection for nature, fascination of human mind and self-development for a hobby. I combine healthy scepticism, science based facts and the power of intuition along with deep empathetic ability to navigate through life, striving to enjoy all the facets of living by experiencing the richness and roundness of life - the pretty, good, bad and ugly alike.

 I started my spiritual journey in 2017 when I felt a calling to do a Reiki course, despite having no conscious spiritual backround. The idea arose in my mind so strongly, I couldn't ignore it and followed through with researching courses, setting aside my sceptical scientific nature. I found an amazing Reiki Master to study with. The experience that followed was so powerful and tangible, I couldn't deny the existence of this invisible energy! Around that time I was struggling with a chronic fatigue, heavily affecting my daily life and that's when I crossed path with Theta Healing. I returned home from the session full of energy I didn't remember feeling for years, I got intrigued! After few more session I booked a Basic Theta Healing course to find out what it is and how it works, and there I was – beginning a new chapter of my life I had no idea was about to unfold.

Everyday has been filled with even more wonder since having Theta Healing in my life and I feel grateful I can share my gifts with others, empowering them on they journey through life.


Client appreciation


Chloe Roberts, Nursery Nurse

The last week has been really eye opening for me, after the healing I felt free from stress, anxiety and worries and felt an overwhelming calmness which even my boyfriend noticed a difference. Day to day worries have been significantly decreased and I feel like I’m able to think things calmly and clearly knowing that everything will be okay and life is good. I’m tackling day to day tasks with strength and confidence.

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